Block situs, gambar dan pencarian dewasa

Terkadang kita sebagai orangtua, abang, kakak, manusia beriman tidak ingin sesuatu buruk meracuni fikiran kita dan orang-orang sekitar kita. Racun yang paling berbahaya pada saat ini adalah gambar/video/situs yang memuat konten dewasa yang tidak senonoh. Dengan arus informasi yang sangat mudah untuk didapatkan maka tidak sulit untuk seorang anak berumur 10 tahun untuk mengakses informasi yang tidak selayaknya dia lihat. Belakangan banyak kejadian asusila dan pencabulan dikarenakan melihat video panas. Kali ini di sisi komputer ada software yang bagus untuk dimiliki dan wajib untuk di install di komputer keluarga anda. Software itu adalah PicBlock dan FoxFilter/Procon Latte.

Review Sedikit tentang PicBlock

Block pornographic images from your computer

Traditional porn blocking tools limit your choice of image search engines, rely on constantly outdated URL blacklists, and are easy for any tech savvy teenager to circumvent. Picblock uses revolutionary filters to blocks pornographic images by examining them for pornographic content, whether accessed from a Web page or loaded from a USB thumbdrive. Picblock also analyzes address and page content for sexually explicit keywords in dozens of languages, resulting in a powerful, two-pronged approach to filtering out pornographic content.

Features include:

* Detect pornographic images in web pages, e-mail messages, iTunes® album art – any HTTP-based content

* Block pornographic images from being displayed in Windows Explorer or loaded in any viewer program.

* Filter for sexually explict words in dozens of languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.

* Facial recognition reduces false positives by identifying whether a questionable image is actually a person’s face.

* Customize filtering sensitivity levels

* Require a password to unblock content or change settings

* Create a list of ‘safe’ sites manually or as a result of an unblock action

* View a tamper proof log of all block/unblock activity

* Ridiculously tamper resistant, even for computer savvy individuals

* Enterprise installation options for mass distribution

* Silent Mode for stealth filtering

* Developer SDK (API) available

* Is easy to install, configure and operate

* Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE for personal use

Software Picblock dapat di download disini

Preview sedikit tentang Procon Latte

ProCon is a content filter for the Firefox browser. It can filter any kind of material (pornography, gambling, hacking, cracking, etc…), it can also block all traffic, making sure that only desired websites (set in the Whitelist) can be accessed, and includes a profanity filter, all *like* a parental control filter.

Ini adalah addons buat mozilla firefox, dapatkan addonnya sekarang

Preview sedikit tentang foxfilter

FoxFilter helps block content for essentially any user-defined Web site or criteria. You can quickly and easily block content for an entire site (e.g. Playboy) or enter custom keyword filters (e.g. videos, movies, images, pornography, nudity, gambling, explosives, etc.) that will be used to help block content for any site that contains these keywords. There are many pornography-related keywords already included! (see Filter Keywords below for more info). FoxFilter is designed to work with Firefox on Mac, Linux and Windows and includes password-protected settings and security features to help prevent it from being bypassed, uninstalled or disabled. A password recovery feature is also available.

All of the filtering features are still available to you free of charge! However, due to the volume of support requests pertaining to forgotten passwords as well as other support costs that we incur, security features are now only available to registered users. A small support fee is required to obtain a registration code. The FoxFilter Team has spent hundreds of hours in development, maintenance and support of FoxFilter. We are very proud of our product and are very happy that is helping protect children, teens and adults from inappropriate content on the Internet. We’re confident that you will agree that FoxFilter is the most simple and effective Firefox Add-on for helping filter inappropriate content.

Sama halnya dengan ProCon Latte, ini juga addons buat firefox, dapatkan juga sebagai alternatif sekarang

Kesimpulan : Software picblock ini sangat bagus dalam memfilter gambar sampai situs yang ada dan pencarian yang mengandung kata-kata tidak senonoh. Seperti yang dilihat pada gambar diatas, tampak bahwa gambar di sensor dan berubah menjadi tidak dapat dilihat dan blur. Sebenarnya picblock sudah mencakupi foxfilter/procon latte akan tetapi akan lebih baik lagi dengan menambahkan addons tersebut untuk jaga-jaga =) .


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